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Helping women grow their impact and income on and off line.

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The Women's Incubator is my new "pick my brain" program hosted inside a members only FB Group where you can pick my brain about anything by posting inside the Incubator so the community within can learn together.

I designed this space to ween off the dream killers aka the abusers of my time who likes to hold spaces hostage for their own benefit yet take absolutely zero action.

Now I have created more space for the hesitaters (made up word) aka action takers who needs my time yet hesitates because I'm way too busy.

No more excuses!!

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Begin a new decade With a  Purpose!

Here are some of the most popular pick my brain topics I get asked:

- monetizing creativity and where know where to begin
- struggling women owned business
- thriving women owned business who doesn’t feel the need to invest in high ticket coaching and focused business strategy
- getting along with other women
- women owned biz who is looking to make an impact on social media by making content and attracting new clients in the process
- wants to start a podcast
- want to find their voice and brand
- wants to sort through the noise and which noise to listen to
- plateauing on her business and need a tribe to help take it to the next level
- network marketing professional women who wants to brand themselves separate from their network marketing companies and become influencers like I did
- tips on how to get sponsors on IG
- how to turn IG sponsors into podcast sponsors
- how to turn your IG sponsors into your event sponsors
- networking on and off line
- making an impact on and offline
- social media growth
- events planning
- affiliate marketing
- writing a book
- monetizing a blog
- building e-mail list and e-mail system
- hiring a VA
- public speaking
- Leadership
- parenting tips
- relationship advice
- anyone who wants to pick my brain just about anything
- and so much more to keep listing!



This tribe will motivate you but sisters, you have to do most of the work!


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Tribe Of Like-Minded Women

You can have it all, you just can't do it alone.  We will do this together!

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Lots of Laughters With Sisters

Because life is funny and it isn't that serious.

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Pop Up Trainings With Experts

Although this isn't a training based program, trainings may pop up here and there.

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the brain  you get to pick...

There is no better fuel for me than seeing other WOMEN entrepreneurs going after their dreams and thrive.

I was Made in the Philippines; born and raised. I came to the US with my parents in the year 2000 when I was already turning 21.  It was a very lonely beginning; no friends, no life & a couple of American nightmares.

My corporate background is finance and insurance.  My influencer and thought leadership background comes from LIFE itself.

I started my mid-life crisis early at 33.  I felt like a success yet empty.  After 6 months of searching for meaning.  I gave up and ended up backpacking Southeast Asia June of 2013 for an entire month and the rest was history.  At the time, I thought I was searching for meaning.  Now that I'm wiser, I realized I was merely searching for myself.

Accolades with Responsibilities:

  • Top 10 on’s “20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020”
  • Accomplished and Under 40 - Vancouver (WA) Business Journal
  • No. 1 Domestic Violence Podcast on the Planet to Subscribe & Listen To by (really by accident)
  • Her work was recently featured on some of Lewis Howes training inside the School of Greatness studio
  • Been featured on Evan Carmichael’s and Lewis Howes IG Live

I've interviewed:

  • Elena Cardone, 10x First Lady & Author
  • Lewis Howes, former Pro-Athlete and New York Times Bestselling Author of the School of Greatness and Mask of Masculinity
  • Evan Carmichael, YouTube Legend and Author of Your One Word
  • Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson, UFC 229 Champ
  • Dan Holguin, American Ninja Warrior

Notable Philanthropic Efforts:

  • SW WA Medical Foundation:  Helped raised $600,000 to help build a new Level 3 NICU
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man and Woman of the Year:  Helped raised almost $1,000,000 during a 10-week run
  • 100 Women Who Cares of SW WA:  Pledging Member contributing to local grassroots non-profits

My Vision:  To Mother The World

Favorite Quote:  “If you want to change the world become a better version of yourself; if we did all that, we wouldn’t need to change the world.” by Kareen Mills

This is your year and decade!


Kareen's brain is ripe for picking!

Don't just walk, soar.  Spread your wings and fly!


Treat yourself...

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