The Intimate Circle

Helping Mothers grow their impact and their income on and off-line.

The Intimate Circle is an online community and mentorship program hosted inside a private, members-only Facebook group for women and female entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance, support, and incredibly valuable steps and insight as they are striving and thriving for business success and growth!

This community provides a safe space with the opportunity to learn together and from each other. You'll meet your fellow Motherhustlers, receive answers from me on business topics where you're stuck, and also meet my expert friends who know what they're talking about.

I designed this space FOR YOU.


Business strategy isn't just about the technical parts and pieces; it has a lot to do with mindset!

Join us inside the Intimate Circle - my newly redesigned and rebranded group mentorship program that's launching soon and learn all the goods of:

  • automation (automation is QUEEN)
  • social media marketing
  • personal branding
  • developing your brand story and magic
  • mindset hacks
  • developing a sustainable morning routine
  • exclusive membership to my Club on Clubhouse
  • early bird access to my live events and retreats
  • exclusive access to a Limited Spot Mastermind
  • access to all intimate training/coaching inside your member portal that I do LIVE on Clubhouse
  • and of course... the technicals and math in business

.... and SO MUCH MORE!


A Tribe of Like-Minded Women

You can have it all, you just can't do it alone. We will do great things together!

Lots of Laugher with Sisters

Because life is funny, and it isn't that serious... so we learn and laugh together.

Pop Up Training with Industry Experts

Although this isn't a training-based program, various training opportunities will pop up here and there.

Meet Kareen Mills

There is no better fuel for me than seeing other WOMEN entrepreneurs going after their dreams and thrive.

I was Made in the Philippines; born and raised. I came to the US with my parents in the year 2000 when I was already turning 21. It was a very lonely beginning; no friends, no life & a couple of American nightmares.

My corporate background is finance and insurance. My influencer and thought leadership background comes from LIFE itself.

I started my mid-life crisis early at 33. I felt like a success yet empty. After 6 months of searching for meaning. I gave up and ended up backpacking Southeast Asia June of 2013 for an entire month and the rest was history. At the time, I thought I was searching for meaning. Now that I'm wiser, I realized I was merely searching for myself.

My Vision: To Mother The World

Accolades with Responsibilities:

  • Top 10 on's "20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020"
  • Accomplished and Under 40 - Vancouver (WA) Business Journal
  • No. 1 Domestic Violence Podcast on the Planet to Subscribe & Listen To by (really by accident)
  • My work was recently featured on some of Lewis Howes training, inside the School of Greatness studio
  • Featured on Evan Carmichael's and Lewis Howes Instagram Live

I've Interviewed:

Notable Philanthropic Efforts:

"If you want to change the world, become a better version of yourself; if we did all that, we wouldn't need to change the world." - Kareen Mills

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