While you can't automate Motherhood, you can certainly automate your business.

To Mother The World

Hi, my loves!

I'm Kareen Mills.

Motherhood is my full-time job and the rest are just side hustles:

Founder, Coach, Strategist, Podcaster, Intimate Networker, and Business Builder.

Intimate Mornings was inspired by my feeling of intimidation.

I was Made in the Philippines; born and raised. I came to the US in the year 2000 when I was turning 21. It was a very lonely beginning.

For a very long time, I literally ran away from people until one day the word Intimate was downloaded into me. I learned that instead of feeling intimidated, I could get intimate instead by simply asking a very strategic question. The rest of the talking is done by the person asked. All I had to do was listen.

Listening has led me to build successful relationships, a flourishing career, and a thriving business. It changed the game for me and I want it to do the same for you.

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Join me and my Clubhouse Mod Squad every morning, Monday through Friday beginning at 6:30 AM PDT until 8:00 AM PDT as we get intimate with the things in this world (family, life, business, friends, children, even our own selves) that intimidate us.

Alright, Loves!

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I’m a business coach and strategist intimately empowering mom-owned businesses to scale and automate. I’m obsessed with how parallel motherhood and business can be. I’m always paying tribute to the women who raised me; my mother and my grandmother. My sons are my inspiration who fuels my big why. My fitness of choice is CrossFit, I love traveling and I enjoy long quiet walks.

My favorite self-created quote is, “While we can’t automate motherhood, we certainly can do our business.”

I want to help you build a strong personal brand apart from your business, help you find your personal brand story outside so you can optimize your digital presence, automate your business and monetize your intellectual property.

Before we lock arms and grow together, let me tell you the heart of my brand story first, my Stinky Chicken Story.

I used to dream about America at 6 years old when life got tough around the house between my mother and father. Imagining coming to America was my escape when the going got rough. I had no idea that by escaping in my dreams I was actually manifesting unconsciously...

My father had a very disruptive behavior while my mother was the entrepreneur in the family trying to make ends meet and always struggling to no end. My oldest brother Jerry and older sister Daisy essentially became our parents. As far as I can remember they were 14 and 12. The rest of us were 9, 6 & 3. Ferdinand, our youngest, was later born. That 6-year old little girl was me.

My mother owned a stall in the open market selling dressed chicken. I used to hate it sometimes because we would have to wake up super early to help my mother kill the chickens and prepare them for sale later on that morning.

One of my fondest memories about my Mom was when she had nothing to feed us but the almost expired chicken she had I dubbed “the stinky chicken”.

This is the story where the rubber meets the road for me.

It’s a story I’ve told many times yet I’ve cried telling this tale every time. She would cut the chicken into popcorn size pieces, soak and then wash it with vinegar, bread it with seasoning like garlic powder, pepper, salt, and of course, MSG; then Jerry would deep fry it.

It was the best popcorn-style chicken I’ve ever had to this day! Why? Because I will never forget the face of my Mom like an angel smiling, just standing there watching her children enjoy the chicken she made.

Here’s the most amazing part.

All 5 of us kids would leave just a small piece of our plate so we could leave a full plate for my Mom. We didn’t know we were all doing the same act for my Mother until later on in our adult life when we reminisced about our past in laughter and deep conversations.

The true connection we had with our Mom was so strong and ever-present during those tough times.

My vision To Mother The World™ is to pay tribute to the women who raised me; my Grandmother and most importantly my Mother.

While I know I can never repay them, I know I can just pay it forward. The essence of how I show up in this world is fueled by my Stinky Chicken Story and exactly why I do what I do for my Mother tribe to hold space for them.

The same space I never got to hold for my Mother when I was a 6-year old little girl watching her go through domestic violence. I was given the privilege to witness my Mother go through all of her sacrifices at the most critical age of 6 so I would never forget the details and carry on the legacy she indirectly impacted me To Mother The World™.

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